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Microsoft to launch new Surface website, Discover Surface?

Microsoft to launch new Surface website, Discover Surface?

Now you see it, now you don't. Microsoft appears to be on the brink of launching a new website that will push the Surface range. The website appeared a couple of days ago, and a quick WHOIS check reveals that the domain is indeed registered to Microsoft. Quite what the site is going to be is not exactly clear yet -- the site briefly went online but disappeared very quickly.

When it was live, the site included a series of photographs and mimicked the tiled look of Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Accompanying the images were a number of stories from Surface users about how the Surface range has helped business and home users to reduce the number of devices they need.

Before it vanished, the site also included references to a hashtag - #uncompromise. It is not quite clear what this is a reference to, but there is already a small level of interest in the hashtag on Twitter. When the site is active again, it is likely that this will be part of an advertizing campaign.

At the moment, the Discover Surface site is inaccessible, and the URL just links to an Azure Web Sites holding page -- but it might be worth keeping an eye on things to see what's happening. We've reached out to Microsoft to find out what the plans for the site are, and we'll update this post as soon as we hear anything.

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