Microsoft launches, introduces metrofied mail on the web

Zac Bowden

Microsoft, in an attempt to unify it’s UI across all platforms, have today launched, a new add-on to it’s popular Hotmail service. is practically the same as Hotmail, with the addition of a brand new metro user interface that cleans the whole thing up to make it clean and simple. Check it out!

AzJOfdZCAAAokpo can be accessed right now with a Windows LIVE ID or Microsoft Account. Logging into will greet you with a new email from Outlook, explaining all the new changes. THe new Metro interface is adaptive and looks great. At the top left of the screen, Outlook users can easily switch between Mail, People, Calendar, and SkyDrive. There is also a Facebook and Twitter integration built-in. At anytime, you can change back to Hotmail, we don’t know how long that option will last. We also don’t know if Outlook is the new name for Hotmail, or if it’s just a temporary name to test out the UI. I’m sure we’ll get more news soon. Also, check out our video walkthrough of the service.