Microsoft announces ‘unified technology event’ for May 4th 2015, joins TechEd

Microsoft kills TechEd and announces 'unified technology event' for May 4th 2015

Microsoft has announced a unified technology event set to take place in May of next year. The event covers all of Microsoft’s products, including Windows and Office. Microsoft seems to have combined the Microsoft Management Summit, SharePoint Conference, Lync Conference, Exchange Conference, and Project Conference to provide a unified event for enterprises.

“If you’ve attended TechEd or Microsoft Management Summit, this the place for you to be. It’s everything you’ve come to know and love and more. You’ll find what you’re familiar with and you’ll learn more about Lync, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Project, SharePoint, SQL Server, System Center, Visio, Visual Studio, Windows, Windows Intune, Windows Server and lots more,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

As Microsoft states, the world of IT and enterprise development is rapidly evolving. With this new unified event, Microsoft plans to tackle the following:

  • The broadest range of learning opportunities across the breadth of Microsoft’s technologies and solutions 
  • Technical education, product evaluation and deep hands-on learning to plan, architect, deploy, manage, and secure a connected enterprise
  • More access to senior technology leaders and engineers doing coding every day to get your questions answered
  • A greater understanding of future technology vision and roadmap to help you be successful
  • Greater community interaction with technology professionals and your industry peers in structured and informal settings
  • Epic after hour gatherings where you can unwind and turn on the fun with your peers!

Microsoft plans to offer more details on the event in September of this year. The event takes place in Chicago on May 4th, 2015.

Editor’s note: Microsoft has clarified that TechEd will live on. “To be clear, TechEd lives on. This event will be a part of TechEd, co locating with that event to ensure the world of IT gets optimal access to all of the resources in one place.” Microsoft wasn’t clear in its original blog post, leading everyone to believe that TechEd was being killed off in favor of a new unified conference. This is not the case.

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