Microsoft kills off another Lumia property, this time it’s the Lumia Offers app

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft continues to pave the wave for its new Surface branding while also undergoing a company-wide evolution vanguard as it eschews monikers of an old era.

One such old moniker is the Lumia branding, where Microsoft is attempting to transition the old brand name into a more modern and simplistic Microsoft or Windows naming convention. As of today, Microsoft is informing users that the Lumia Offers app is being retired and will no longer be searchable via the Windows Store.

On a side note, Microsoft is also telling users that the offers and deals frequently found using the Lumia Offers app are now being integrated into the Windows Store. Meaning, the Lumia Offers app has been serving double duty alongside the Windows Store offering similar promotions and now Microsoft is looking to simplify the process.

We’ve integrated our offers and promotions right in the Windows Store. Check it out for the latest and greatest apps, games, music, movies, tv and more.”

As Windows Central reported, Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia first spotted Microsoft’s warning. We, along with the guys over at Windows Central have been able to confirm the removal of the app in our Windows Store searches, as of today.

For folks currently using the app, it looks like the app is functional (so to speak) for a little while longer. However, per Microsoft’s warning, the offers and specials should be readily available via the Windows Store soon.