Microsoft kills 2 security bugs

Microsoft kills 2 security bugs

Two new security bugs have been squashed by Microsoft as part of Patch Tuesday, making computing safer for everyone.

The first involved a security flaw in the latest version of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices. One of the three companies credited with reporting this vulnerability was Vectra Networks, which discovered it through monitoring an online conversation between a security researcher and malware developer Hacker Team regarding the sale of information relating to the flaw.

The second security flaw was discovered by Google's Project Zero and First Look Media’s Morgan Marquis-Boire who found it in a Hacking Team data dump. The flaw provides a, not so serious, escalation of privileges on a user’s computer but when combined with a separate Flash security flaw, allows for the installation of malware.

Both of these Windows security flaws have now been fixed and have been labelled, CVE-2015-2425 and CVE-2015-2387 by Microsoft respectively. Adobe has also fixed the Flash security bug in addition to several others earlier this week.

Is security something that concerns you? What steps do you take to stay safe?

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