Microsoft kicks off 12 Days of Deals with $99 Dell Venue 8 Pro

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Microsoft kicks off 12 Days of Deals with $99 Dell Venue 8 Pro

Yesterday we told you about Microsoft's 12 Days of Geekmas contest, but that isn't the only celebration the software giant has planned for the holiday season. Beginning this Monday, December 9th, a 12 Days of Deals will be kicking off at Microsoft online and brick and mortar stores. The sale will feature a new deal every day, and it's going to begin with a big one.

First up is the Dell Venue 8 Pro, a Windows 8.1 tablet that features an HD screen and Intel dual core Atom processor. The tablet will be available for a jaw-dropping $99, but like all good things, there's a catch. That price will only be good for the first 20 customers in each store, and the first 100 online orders. After those are gone, the price will rise to $199 (still $100 off), and that deal will be good for the next 10 people through the door and while supplies last online.

Getting a $299 tablet for only $99 is a cant-miss deal, but you'll likely have to act quickly to take advantage of it. Microsoft has 51 stores located across the US, and if you are fortunate enough to live reasonably close to one of them, then that will certainly be your best option. The odds of getting in on the first 100 online orders do not seem very good, but if you lack a retail location, you'll just have to give it your best shot.

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