Microsoft just can’t convince Japanese gamers to buy its Xbox One gaming console

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Microsoft just can't convince Japanese to buy its Xbox One gaming console

Microsoft launched Xbox One in Japan earlier this month, and yet again, it has mostly failed to lure Japanese gamers into buying its gaming console. In the four days since the Xbox One became available in the country, only 23,562 units were sold. 

But what’s surprising is that the company seems to have already given up on selling its consoles in Japan. Despite Xbox 360’s low sales figures, Microsoft has put very little effort on promoting its product in the country.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Xbox One’s traction is even lower than Xbox 360’s. In 2005, 62,000 Xbox 360 bundles were sold in the first two days of its launch. To date, over 159,000 Xbox 360s have been sold in the country.

In comparison, Sony managed to sell about 308,000 PlayStation 4 units during its first week on sale in Japan. Even Nintendo’s Wii U sold 322,000 units in the same period.

As Kotaku reported, people just weren’t that excited about Xbox One’s launch in the country. The retails shops were mostly empty, and truth be told, the whole scene was rather depressing.

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