Microsoft jumps on Instagram, highlights those who #DoMore

Microsoft jumps on Instagram, highlights those who #DoMore

The multinational software giant has finally decided to jump onto Instagram, and they are doing so by celebrating those who #DoMore. Microsoft says the channel will aide in a new approach that tells the company’ story and highlights people “doing amazing things”.

The first two images added to the feed showcase two members of the Seattle community including Laila Ghambari and Dr. Ben Starnes. Ghambari has been crowned as “the best barista in America”, and “uses Skype to train baristas around the world”. Dr. Starnes is a thoracic surgeon who uses 3D printing to help save lives.

“Laila and Ben couldn’t have more different professions,” says Rob Wolf, a senior communications manager at Microsoft who is responsible for the Microsoft Instagram channel. “But both are pushing the boundaries of their craft and redefining what is possible. That is the spirit we aim to celebrate with our Instagram channel.”

As expected, the marketing game focuses not just on those who do amazing things, but people who do amazing things, while using Microsoft products and technologies.

To follow Microsoft on Instagram, you can click the official via link below. The company got lucky, as their username is simply “Microsoft”.

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