Microsoft joins the Mannequin Challenge with some help from HoloLens

From strategy on the Battlefield, or even bringing a fairy tale to life, HoloLens has been mobilized by developers in many unique ways. Maybe you've heard of it already, the Mannequin Challenge has been taking the web by storm, and now HoloLens too has jumped on the internet's latest viral video trend (via The Verge.)

As seen in the video above, Microsoft is using the Mannequin Challenge to show off the possibilities of its Holographic storytelling app, Actiongram. The 38-second long clip which was recorded with HoloLens (sans audio) features Microsoft employees posing alongside virtual objects such as a dragon, and even butterflies and pancakes. The results are, to say the least, very impressive, and could give other major companies or brands who are interested in the challenge a run for their money.

What do you think of this use of the HoloLens in the Mannequin Challenge? How would you complete the challenge? As always, do let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!

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