Microsoft Japan holds a “Girls Only Xbox party”

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Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PlayStation 4 are proving to be very popular in Japan, so Microsoft has just taken a new step towards appealing its Xbox One console to the country’s female gamers.  As reported by RockerNews24,  Microsoft Japan recently hosted a “Girls Only Xbox Party” complete with cute cakes, mascots, coloring contests, and more.

The invite only “Girls Only Xbox Party” was held at the Microsoft Japan Headquarters in Tokyo.  Overall, the event featured a collection of cute Xbox themed sweets and cakes, and a cute mascot:

Of course, the  female attandees also had the chance to participate in a coloring competition (with the grand prize being an Xbox Controller!) and the option to play with Kinect Games, and a Halo competition.

While we might be a little jealous that we did not get an invite, the event nonetheless appears to be both cool and cute. Either way, we would still love to hear your thoughts on this event, and what you think it means for Xbox in Japan, so be sure to drop us a comment below!

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