Microsoft issues temporary fix for buggy Surface Pro X cameras

Kevin Okemwa

Surface Pro 6

Early last week, a bunch of reports emerged online indicating that the cameras in Arm-powered devices, including Microsoft’s Surface Pro X weren’t working properly. According to information shared on Reddit forums, the issue persisted despite numerous attempts by the users to update their camera drivers on their ARM-powered devices.

Luckily, Microsoft has since updated its Windows Release Health dashboard with a temporary fix for this specific bug. Per the company’s findings, devices running on Qualcomm 8cx Gen 1, Qualcomm 8cx Gen 2, Microsoft SQ1, or Microsoft SQ2 processors were the ones affected by this issue. However, the company disclosed that the issue didn’t impact USB cameras or webcams, regardless of whether they are linked to affected devices.

To bypass the 0xA00F4271<MediaCaptureFailedEvent> (0x80004005) error when trying to launch the camera app on your ARM-powered device, Microsoft has issued a critical troubleshooter that’s designed to patch this bug. Users affected by this issue don’t need to do anything to apply this fix, though you can check if it has been applied via your device’s troubleshooter history as highlighted below:

        Hardware and devices troubleshooter

        Automatically change system settings to fix a problem on your device
And while the fix might have your cameras working again, Microsoft has indicated that the fix is temporary, Users with managed devices should also note that they might not be able to access the fix, especially if the admin has the troubleshooters disabled. However, you can disable the feature and modify the registry to apply the fix.
Microsoft has further indicated that users should be cautious will modifying the registry, It further indicated that this workaround should strictly be used on devices experiencing the camera issue. Microsoft also indicated that this workaround might also disable some camera features and even lower the image quality.
To this end, Microsoft has indicated that it’s working closely with device manufacturers (OEMs) and driver partners to resolve the issue permanently with a driver update.
Have you experienced any issues with your camera on your ARM-powered device? Let us know in the comments.