Microsoft issues statement regarding attackers being able to track mouse movements in Internet Explorer

A new vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was discovered by a third-party source who claims that this vulnerability allows mouse cursor movements to be tracked anywhere on the screen. Microsoft has issued a statement regarding this vulnerability.

“A security vulnerability in Internet Explorer, versions 6–10, allows your mouse cursor to be tracked anywhere on the screen, even if the Internet Explorer window is inactive, unfocused or minimised. The vulnerability is notable because it compromises the security of virtual keyboards and virtual keypads,” stated, the guys who discovered this flaw. Microsoft issued a statement in a form of a blog post earlier today. “Over the last few days we’ve seen reports alleging abuse of a browser behavior regarding mouse position. Microsoft is working closely with other companies to address the concern of mouse position movement. From what we know now, the underlying issue has more to do with competition between analytics companies than consumer safety or privacy,” Microsoft explained. Microsoft is working to adjust this behavior in Internet Explorer and claims that similar capabilities are available in other browsers too. According to Microsoft, there is “very little risk to consumers at this time” and the company has yet to see any cases of compromised consumer information.

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