Microsoft is working on a system that is set to benefit gamers with color blindness

Kevin Okemwa


Color blindness is one of the many setbacks that prevent gamers from fully experiencing a game’s full potential, especially when it comes to visuals. Over time, features like color-coded level design, interactive objects, and HUD elements have been embraced to help improve the gaming experience for gamers with the impairment.

However, it now seems that Microsoft has found a way to enhance these features which will help gamers appreciate the aesthetic value of these games more. Previously, it was solely up to the game developer to enhance these features. Essentially, this meant that the support provided would be limited.

But now, according to a report by GameRant, “Microsoft’s latest patented system would instead offload this accessibility feature onto dedicated software and possibly work across the board in all or most games on the market.”

The color correction patent was submitted a while back, however, it only reached general availability recently. The patent embraces a specialized color correction technology that makes up for color blindness by incorporating a color transformation layer which then corrects the distorted image and transforms it to appear as it would originally, thus, enhancing its aesthetic value.