Microsoft is working on a new Surface Go 4 and 11 inch Surface Pro

David Allen

Since we’re just six months away from when Microsoft typically announces any changes to the Surface lineup the rumors and leaks are starting to trickle in. Windows Central is reporting Microsoft may be looking at an ARM version of the Surface Go 4 alongside a smaller 11-inch version of the Surface Pro.

This would be the first time the Surface Go lineup has been equipped with an ARM-based processor.  The Surface Go 4 is said to be codenamed Tanta and will ship with the Snapdragon 7c Soc in the entry-level model.  This would give the Surface Go 4 a similar performance as previous Intel models, but with better efficiency and battery life.   Remember the Surface Go is the entry-level product in the Surface lineup with the top processor spec being an Intel Core I3.  Using an ARM processor could allow Microsoft to offer a 5G SKU, but there’s been no evidence of that yet.  An Intel version is supposed expected to hang around for those who prefer it.

Alongside the Surface Go 4 Microsoft is said to be working on a new 11-inch Surface Pro.  The 11-inch Surface Pro is codenamed Luxar and is similar in shape and size to the Surface Go.  We would expect the 11-inch Surface Pro to have updated internals and maintain its 120hz display.  Windows 11 was updated with a new tablet mode so it’s no surprise that Microsoft is considering more tablet-like sizes.  Having both 11-inch and 13-inch versions would be similar to what Apple offers with the 11 and 13-inch iPad Pro models.

Both devices are still in the planning stages and it’s unlikely they would ship before the fall and could be pushed back further.  What are your thoughts on a new ARM based Surface Go 4 and Surface Pro 11-inch?