Microsoft is working on a 3D ecosystem code named Beihai

Kip Kniskern

Last week, we told you about an upcoming version of Paint that includes 3D capabilities, but new information uncovered by Microsoft super-sleuther @WalkingCat shows that those 3D capabilities may extend much further:

The information comes via a somewhat unusual source, an Acting Showcase call for auditions for a video to be produced by Microsoft, since taken down, that shines some light on the true nature of Beihai, the code name for this 3D cross-application platform:

The scenario describes an actress using the same 3D image created in Paint across PowerPoint, Augmented Reality using a “large magic-windows type of device to present a holographic model,” and a physical model created using 3D printing.

Having 3D capabilities in Paint could be a cool new feature, but this “3D ecosystem,” where 3D models can be created in Paint, printed using a 3D printer, and shared across Office and AR, could take 3D and Paint to whole new levels. Stay tuned to WinBeta for all the latest news on Microsoft’s adventures in 3D!