Microsoft is testing a new flyout design for OneDrive – here’s how you can try it out

Arif Bacchus

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Last week’s Windows 10 Insider build was filled with plenty of new features, but some have also noticed that Microsoft has selected a group of Insiders to try out a new flyout design for OneDrive on Windows 10. Thanks to the folks over at InsideWindows.Net, you can try the new flyout design for yourself, but be warned, it involves making some potentially risky registry edit changes, so be careful, and don’t try this if you’re not comfortable editing the registry.

To begin, you must make sure that you have OneDrive version 17.3.6720.1207 or newer installed. To check your OneDrive version, open up the desktop application, right click on the icon in the taskbar, choose settings, then click on about. Next up, press Windows Key and R on your keyboard, then type in regedit to open the Registry Editor. From here on out, things get risky, so proceed at your own risk.

Along the left side, navigate to Computer then HKEY_CURRENT_USER then Software then Microsoft and then OneDrive. After clicking OneDrive in the editor, and along the right side now, right-click on the empty space and navigate to New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value and then name it TeamSiteSyncPreview. Double click on the DWORD you just created and set its value to 1 and then save and exit.


According to the folks over at, you can also receive the same outcome from the steps above by downloading TeamSyncSitePreview.reg from Microsoft’s servers.  It is worth noting that if you choose this method your browser may display the .reg file as text, so you will need to right click it and save it as a .reg file and not a .reg.txt file. After saving, double-click the file to merge and add it to your Windows registry and then enjoy the new OneDrive Flyout menu.

If you were brave enough to make these registry edits, please let us know if you have received the flyout menu by dropping us a comment below! And, as always, stay tuned to OnMSFT, as we will most definitely be here to cover the flyout feature once it has gone mainstream and to the general public.