Microsoft is recruiting for Windows Mobile

Brad Stephenson

Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 950

Microsoft has begun recruiting for its Windows Mobile Team by advertising two new job openings on its Microsoft Careers page for a Senior Program Manager and a Program Manager II. The Senior Program Manager is expected to “help drive the communication experiences to mobile devices, improve the user experience, meet enterprise and operator requirements,” and “work with partners across the company including the hardware team to define the strategy, define the deliver the communication experience,” while the Program Manager II position will be expected to contribute “to a wide range of Mobile platform features, from device management, updatability, security features and drivers to managing quality flights and customer communication.”

Microsoft has been fairly quiet this past year due to the company’s apparent break from creating first-party Windows phone handsets but the Windows 10 Mobile operating system has continued to receive strong support with frequent updates, refinements, and new features being added on a regular basis. There is also the rumor of a new Microsoft-designed Windows phone which could possibly be called the Surface Phone and is expected to evolve the smartphone concept substantially. This “Surface Phone” device is expected to release in late-2017 or 2018 which could explain the need for these new job openings. They could of course be entirely unrelated to it and may simply be for improving the current Windows 10 Mobile experience. These listings were originally spotted by Twitter user @h0x0d.

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