Microsoft is looking to play the 'exclusive' card for Battlegrounds a bit longer

Earlier this year at E3 2017, Sony's PlayStation 4 team paraded around a number of exclusive deals the division had signed leveraging the sheer amount of users its console had thanks to its device sales. To counter the seemingly poor optics, Microsoft pitched the narrative that it was looking to "bring the best game possible to Xbox One and PC" users rather than play the exclusive game.

However, it now looks like Microsoft is looking to wade in the exclusive waters once again as it's in talks with South Korea's Bluehole studio to make its wildly popular beta-tested PlayerUknown's Battleground shooter exclusive to the Xbox for an extended period of time. Both Microsoft and Sony have leveraged time exclusives to help persuade buyers into their respective console ecosystems, and this new deal with Bluehole studios is no different.

What is different about Microsoft and Bluehole's new negotiation is the amount of time that Battlegrounds would remain an Xbox exclusive. According to Bloomberg Technology, Microsoft is looking extended its three month exclusive period with the game until sometime mid next year.

"South Korea’s Bluehole Inc. has agreed to produce the game for Microsoft first by the end of the year and is likely to give the company a longer period as the solo console, said the people, asking not to be identified because the matter is private."

The game is slated for a release later this year on Xbox One and will ultimately find its way to PlayStation 4 some time after that depending on the how the talks with Bluehole conclude. For its part, Battlegrounds has become a sleeper hit of 2017 as countless reviews and player streams continue to praise its take on the massive multiplayer shooter genre. Leveraging the good will Battlegrounds has built up well into the holiday season as the company attempts to sell a new console seems like a no-brainer for Microsoft, what remains to be seen, however, is how well the finished game will help boost the company's hardware sales.

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