Microsoft is investigating 'frame pacing' and shading issues with GTA IV on Xbox One Backward Compatibility

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It has been less than a week since Microsoft announced GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City are arriving to Xbox One Backward Compatibility. Unfortunately, though, players of GTA IV on Xbox One have reported a couple gameplay issues which is hindering the throwback experience.

Reports have been coming in of the game experiencing 'frame pacing', which is where the gameplay can feel jittery and erratic, as the time between each frame is different, leading to a not-so-smooth gaming experience. Luckily however, Xbox's Bill Stillwell, the Xbox Platform Program Manager Lead, has sent a tweet out stating that the team are aware of the issue and are looking into it:

In addition to this, a player also reported an issue with water shading in the game. Stillwell has said that they'll also look into this separate issue:

There's no timeframe for when (or if) a fix can be expected to arrive, so for now, it is best to keep providing feedback via the Feedback Hub for those on the Xbox Insider Preview Program.

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