Microsoft is apparently raising Windows Store device limit to 2,000

It seems that Microsoft will soon make life easier for those of you using lots of Windows 10 PCs, phones or Xbox One consoles with the same Microsoft account. According to a report from Windows Central, the company has raised the Windows Store device limit from 10 to 2,000 devices for some users, making it no longer necessary to remove devices signed into your account that you no longer use.

Until now, reaching the 10 devices limit meant that you could no longer sign in with your Microsoft account and download Windows Store apps on new Windows 10 devices. You could still create a new Microsoft account to use with these other devices, but this workaround wasn’t particularly user-friendly.  If the 10 devices limit was pretty low, increasing it to 2,000 would definitely be a welcome change (even though the number sounds ridiculously high).

Microsoft is increasing the Windows Store device limit from 10 to 2,000 on some accounts (credit: Windows Central).

We’re not seeing the change on our accounts yet and Microsoft hasn’t officially announced it either, so we hope it’s not just a bug. To see if your MS account already displays the new device limit, you’ll have to check your Microsoft account settings on this page. Let us know in the comments if you’re already seeing the new limit on your account.

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