Microsoft is adding a “Garage” for “doers, not talkers” to Dublin, Ireland facility

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Microsoft will include a dedicated “Garage facility” for employees at its One Microsoft Court building in Dublin, Ireland, which is currently being renovated.

The company is continuing its motto of being for “doers, not talkers”, as the space will be used for employees to collaborate on various experiments. The facility will include two core areas, including a hub for conversations, hackathons, workshops for employees to explore and create innovations. A makerspace will additionally serve as an equipment zone for employees to explore their creative projects and learn along the way.

Microsoft is adding a "Garage" for "doers, not talkers" to Dublin, Ireland facility - - February 25, 2020

Microsoft Garage is home to a growing number of projects, including a sketching app for Windows 10, a vocabulary builder for Android, and others. Some of the company’s more focused apps, including Microsoft Launcher, actually started out as Garage projects.

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