Microsoft is #1 in new Top 100 Global Tech Leaders list -
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Microsoft is #1 in new Top 100 Global Tech Leaders list

Microsoft received quite some criticism recently for focusing too much on its enterprise customers and neglecting consumers. It remains to be seen if the Redmond giant could really become the next IBM, but for now it seems to be doing better than ever. The company’s US stock price broke $90 per share earlier this week, and the very serious Thomson Reuters put Microsoft at the top of its new top 100 global tech leaders list today.

The new ranking is described by Thomson Reuters as “a unique evaluation framework that incorporates financial performance metrics alongside supply chain risk, pending litigation, innovation, social responsibility and a number of other factors.” It's also important to note that the list doesn't includes companies with 2016 revenue below $1 billion.

The information firm only ranked the companies in the top 10, which includes Intel (#2), Cisco Systems (#3), Apple, Alphabet and IBM. Interestingly, Amazon and Facebook didn’t make the top 10, same for Asian giants Samsung, Sony and Lenovo. The data actually reveals that 47 tech companies from the top 100 are headquartered in North America (45 in the US), 38 in Asia, 14 in Europe and just one in Australia.

"To succeed today, tech companies need not only run their day-to-day operations effectively, but they also must manage a confluence of legal, regulatory, operational, environmental, supply chain and technological variables," explained Thomson-Reuters. Microsoft may not be the richest and most profitable company in the world, but its CEO Satya Nadella is obviously doing a lot of things right. Still, you may have many reasons to disagree with Microsoft being the top technology leader today. Let us know what you really think in the comments below.

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