Microsoft investing in Cyanogen, an alternative version of Android looking to break away from Google

Microsoft investing in Cyanogen, an alternative version of Android looking to break away from GoogleThere is an ancient Sanskrit proverb that says, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”; According to the Wallstreet Journal, Microsoft just be taking that advice. In a recently published article, it is stated that sources have revealed Microsoft is investing in Cyanogen.

For those unfamiliar with Cyanogen, it is a technology startup that currently produces a stripped down variation of the Android Operating system known as CyanogenMod. The third party operating system is famous in tech circles for its minimal experience, which allows for a faster and less bloated phone. As one might imagine, it is considered out of Google’s official ecosystem and thus a rival.

The Wallstreet Journal had the following to say about the company’s recent investment:

“Microsoft would be a minority investor in a roughly $70 million round of equity financing that values Cyanogen in the high hundreds of millions, one of the people said. The person said the financing round could grow with other strategic investors that have expressed interest in Cyanogen because they’re also eager to diminish Google’s control over Android. The identity of the other potential investors couldn’t be learned.”

While Microsoft owns Windows Phone, they make more profit on patents being utilized by Google’s Android operating system. As we have seen within the last week, it might now be a terrible idea for the technology giant to have their eggs in more than one basket.

In a recent interview with Cyanogen Chief Officer Kirt McMaster, he blatantly stated that CyanogenMod’s goal was to “take away Android from Google”. If Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system doesn’t pan out, they could still make a nice dent in the mobile marketplace by moving in on Android

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