Microsoft to invest US $3 million in YouthSpark program in Vietnam

Microsoft to invest US $3 million in YouthSpark program in Vietnam

Microsoft announced the company is going to invest $3 million in Vietnam over the course of three years as apart of the company's YouthSpark program. The program aims to provide young people with opportunities for education, employment, and entrepreneurship. 

The program will focus on three core areas in Vietnam: development of employees, broadening investment to youth across Vietnam and supporting young leaders in the country. Microsoft has a decent set up in Vietnam with over 10,000 employees working under the company. Part of the investment will also be used to provide employees on on-site IT training to learn new skills, and discover more opportunities.

César Cernuda, President of Microsoft Asia Pacific, said: “Vietnam is an important emerging market for Microsoft in Southeast Asia with great growth potential. With its large, young, highly-mobile and socially-engaged population, we believe that the country is poised to fully leverage the power of technology to grow and compete on a global stage. We are making this commitment to empower Vietnam’s digital generation to transform the future and further develop its economy under our YouthSpark program.”

This is a good initiative by the company and will help young entrepreneurs and workers to learn new skills for the betterment of the economy.

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