Microsoft Intune can help keep your mobile devices up to date and secure -
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Microsoft Intune can help keep your mobile devices up to date and secure

Keeping your device secure in this day and age can be almost impossible. There are so many threats coming from every direction that it's hard to imagine staying safe from all of them. As difficult as that is, it's an even bigger undertaking to try and keep your entire organization safe from people who mean to steal your data. In a new blog post from the Microsoft Intune team on TechNet, we got a glimpse at Pegasus, just one of many extremely dangerous viruses that's making its way around.

The Pegasus attack starts with SMS phishing using spoofed sender numbers and anonymized domains to deliver malware to the target’s iPhone. The target’s phone is remotely jailbroken and immediately starts compromising the target’s digital life. Further, Pegasus has a built-in self-destruct capability.

The Intune team uses the opportunity to remind us that, above all else, the most important thing when it comes to security is making sure that everything is up to date. The blog post shows us that, using the Intune Mobile Device Inventory report, you can make sure that everybody on your team is using the correct operating system on their phone. If someone attempts to connect to your company's secure network using an unpatched device, the program can lock them down and block them until they update.

This is just one more reason that those who are putting their faith in Microsoft's security programs are in good hands. While there's no surefire way to completely avoid threats when you're online, good device management tools like this one really help to keep things under control.

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