Microsoft introduces Visual Studio for the Mac, Visual Studio 2017 RC

Earlier this week, Microsoft accidentally leaked that Visual Studio for Mac would be released. At Connect(); // 2016, Microsoft is making their announcement official by releasing Visual Studio for Mac in preview.

Additionally, Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate (RC) is also available for download. Visual Studio 2017 RC comes in three different versions; Visual Studio Community 2017 RC, Visual Studio Professional 2017 RC, and Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 RC.

According to the Visual Studio website, Visual Studio for Mac Preview will give developers the ability to:

Build native mobile and Mac apps in C#. With complete access to Xamarin for Visual Studio, share up to 90% of code while building native apps for iOS, Android, and macOS, and test your apps with one-click access to Xamarin Test Cloud.

For developers, check out the full details on Visual Studio development for Mac here. Full documentation for Visual Studio is also available.

Install Visual Studio 2017 RC

Install Visual Studio for Mac Preview

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