Microsoft introduces 'pen remoting' for Windows 10

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An odd side-effect of Windows 10 on Microsoft has been the incessant desire to draw; new Surfaces are bundled with pens, the browser Edge is being sold as the perfect place to scribble. And now the next step has been reached, ‘pen remoting’.

The concept is simple, with ‘pen remoting’ it is possible to draw on a remote desktop, also running Windows 10. As a collaboration tool, or as a way for creative types to have a little fun, it certainly looks to be quite useful. The feature is already available for Windows Insiders, with Microsoft stating on the Remote Desktop Services blog that

“Pen remoting is currently only available in the Remote Desktop Connection client for Windows Desktop when connecting from a Windows 10 device to a Windows 10 host”.

As the Microsoft continues to emphasize the appeal of the pen in Windows 10, expect more such features to appear.

Do you think pen remoting might be useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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