Microsoft introduces over 25 partners for Cloud OS Network

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Microsoft introduces over 25 partners for Cloud OS Network

The move to the cloud continues both for home users and businesses. It is something that Microsoft is throwing its weight behind with Windows Azure as well as a wide range of consumer services. Now the company has launched the Cloud OS Network, a group of more than 25 partners who “have embraced our Cloud OS vision and will deliver hosted services built on the Microsoft Cloud Platform”.

For home users there are a lot of names that won’t appear too familiar, but there are also some recognizable name — the likes of Lenovo, Fujitsu and T-Systems. But for big companies, the move to the cloud represents a great way to save money, and this is something that benefits everyone in turn.

In a blog post Takeshi Numoto, Corporate Vice President for Cloud and Enterprise Marketing, said “Together, the Cloud OS Network partners operate in more than 90 countries, serve over 3 million customers every day and manage over 2.4 million servers in more than 425 datacenters. They are all leaders in their geographies and markets, and we are honored by their commitment to support the Cloud OS vision with hybrid solutions for our mutual customers.”

This is all part of Microsoft’s push of Cloud OS which aims to help companies become more efficient and value driven by moving more services online.

Microsoft has posted a video explaining how the move the cloud is helpful to solve problems for businesses:

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