Microsoft introduces the Outlook watch face for Android Wear

Microsoft Outlook has always aspired to be part of the everyday lifestyle of consumers. Users are able to access all of their important information to stay connected through the hustle and bustle of our modern world. That is why Outlook teamed up with Apple Watch last summer. The collaboration resulted in an application on the smart watch that provided an email and calendar display. Outlook added support for Android Wear in April, but now there’s a new Outlook Watch Face for the Wear.

With today’s update, Microsoft Outlook will be compatible between the Android mobile application and the Android Wear smart watch. Users are able to see their usual dial display expected of a watch, but with an added twist. Anything scheduled on the calendar will be easily visible for up to twelve hours. Meetings and event times will be highlighted with an assigned color, allowing the wearer to see exactly how much time they have left until their next meeting. All of the details are available to users. Tapping an event’s notification will bring up time, place, and notes that the have been entered.


Outlook on the Android Wear

Email is also easy to access through the Android Wear and Microsoft Outlook application. When a new email arrives, the notification will appear in the center of the dial. Users can read, flag, archive, delete, and even reply to the email using voice dictation or the simple pre-defined responses. The email has an event in it, it only takes a couple of taps to give a RSVP and add it to your current calendar.

The ease of having technology on your wrist doesn’t mean that you have to look tacky. The watch face and accent colors can be changed on a whim depending on what trend you’re setting for the day.

Microsoft is all about advancing technology to make our lives easier. With additions like Microsoft Outlook onto Android smart watches, we’re getting one step closer to using smartphones less and less for organization purposes. With all the information we need on our wrists, what more could we possibly need to get from one meeting to the other?

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