Microsoft introduces its number-centric fact site, By the Numbers

If you like math and Microsoft, then you’re in for a treat, as Microsoft just rolled out Microsoft by the Numbers, a site dedicating to present facts about the company, all in easy-to-get statistics, reported the company’s blog.

The site is presented in a friendly and modern manner, with most numbers accompanied by playful fully-animated 3D objects (the cute kind you can spend hours staring at.)

A personal favorite.

A personal favorite.

Among the statistics, which include impressive numbers that reflect Microsoft’s achievement in each of its businesses (like 75 million Windows 10 installs from 190 countries all over the world, 1.5 billion Office users, and 80% of Fortune 500 companies being on Azure), there are also some interesting, and some downright silly-fun, tidbits. Did you know that 20% of Azure VM servers are on Linux? Or 984,000 orders of french fries are consumed each year in Microsoft’s Redmond campus area? Or how Microsoft’s optics fiber cables can stretch 3 times the distance to the Moon? Many more are waiting for you at the site, so visit it now.


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