Microsoft introduces new Explore Tile for Microsoft Band

Kellogg Brengel

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Over the past month there have been some indications that an update for the Microsoft Band could be on the way on the way. And previously we reported on leaks regarding both a new firmware update and a Microsoft Health app for Windows 10 PCs.

Today, Microsoft announced a new update for the Band, which is in line with the previous rumors, and just in time for summer, the Band will be getting a new Explore Tile. The new Explore Tile is ideal for tracking outdoor hikes with the Band’s built-in GPS sensor.

You can use the Explore Tile to note special points of interest along the way, get your bearings, and receive alerts about staying hydrated or prolonged UV exposure. And your adventures using the Explore Tile will be saved on your Microsoft Health platform .

The full list of features for Explore Tile include:

  • GPS Power Saver automatically allows your band to track your hike for up to 12 hours.
  • After your hike, sync your band to your mobile app to see your points of elevation and a map of your route in the Microsoft Health app and web dashboard.
  • Stay hydrated, properly fueled, and get help dodging any inclement weather with smart alerts. They’ll remind you to hydrate and refuel, tell you what time the sun sets, and alert you of any inclement weather advisories based on atmospheric pressure.
  • The UV monitor you know and love is enabled while you hike. It will notify you when your UV exposure is high, so you can stay covered or apply SPF while you’re out in the sun.
  • Exploring on your own? Leave your phone in your pocket and turn up the tunes – skip tracks and adjust the volume on your phone’s music apps from your band’s touchscreen.
  • If you want to stop for a rest or take in the view, no problem. The Auto Pause feature will automatically detect that you’ve stopped, so you can focus on your adventure.

Microsoft has only said the update will be released in the coming days with no exact timeframe, but they did mention it will be here just in time for summer. The Explore Tile looks to be an interesting and fun new tile for Band owners to try out as they explore the outdoors this season. Stay tuned to Winbeta for more news when the update starts rolling out.