Microsoft introduces multiple Viva Connections experience for organizations

Pranav Bhardwaj

Microsoft Viva Goals

Microsoft recently launched multiple Viva Connections experiences, expanding the capabilities of its employee engagement app, Microsoft Viva Connections. This update aims to provide organizations with a personalized and engaging employee experience tailored to meet the unique needs of different employee groups.

With the rollout of this feature, organizations can now create multiple Viva Connections experiences within their tenant, catering to the diverse requirements of their employees. This functionality is particularly beneficial for conglomerates and subsidiaries seeking to establish distinct branded experiences for various employee groups. For instance, frontline workers can have their own Viva Connections experience, granting them easy access to resources, tools, relevant news, and popular destinations specific to their roles. 

Simultaneously, information workers can enjoy a separate Viva Connections experience, offering them a different array of content and tools that align with their responsibilities. Several other scenarios also warrant the implementation of additional Connections experiences, including the need for separate content and branding for subsidiaries, employees not requiring access to other subsidiary experiences, and international legal entities requiring content control or language-specific information.

The demand for multiple Viva Connections experiences has become increasingly apparent in today’s economic climate, where organizations face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. By providing customized and relevant experiences for employees, organizations can facilitate connectivity, productivity, and engagement in the hybrid work environment while streamlining the setup and administration of employee apps.

This update seamlessly integrates the management of multiple Viva Connections experiences with the traditional SharePoint home site management in the Microsoft 365 admin center, offering unparalleled flexibility for setup. Setting up a Connections experience no longer necessitates a SharePoint intranet portal (home site); however, if an intranet portal already exists, it can be utilized to establish the home site and Connections experience within the same workflow in the M365 admin center.

Once the experience is set up, organizations have the option to customize and enhance the Viva Connections dashboard with a comprehensive range of integrations, empowering employees with a rich and cohesive digital toolset.

In the initial release, tenants can create up to 10 Viva Connections experiences, each comprising three primary components: the dashboard, the feed, and the resources. The dashboard serves as a digital toolset, consolidating the resources employees require, whether they are in the office or in the field. The feed simplifies communication and fosters connectivity, providing a personalized view where employees can explore news and engage in conversations from across the organization. Resources offer valuable company information and actionable tasks in a centralized, personalized destination.

Microsoft 365 plans with SharePoint Online include one Viva Connections experience, while creating two or more experiences necessitates a Viva suite license (with some exceptions). For detailed information on licensing, please refer to our pricing page.

Microsoft also enhances its internal employee experience by recently deploying Microsoft Viva Connections internally within the organization.