Microsoft introduces Marketplace Extra to highlight great apps

Windows Phone Marketplace, being the fastest-growing app store with more than 35000 applications since its first release, is undoubtedly great for consumers; but it can also be a growing pain for users looking for the best applications as well as developers trying to showcase their great works. Microsoft, with the release of a new marketplace category dubbed “Marketplace Extra” seems to find the answers for such concerns.

In the official Windows Phone blog, Microsoft introduced a new marketplace category called “Marketplace Extra” that will highlight some of the best applications that mobile developers have to offer.

When you visit the website, there are different categories including: Foodies, Going out, Health + Fitness, Music, News, Parents, Shopping and Traveling. The best applications for each category are highlighted with reviews as well as video in some case.

When users visit the Marketplace Extra, not only they will be able to easily discover and even post their own reviews of all the great applications, they will also be able to install these application from the marketplace without having to use their mobile phone. To do so, it does require a Live account.

The Marketplace Extra is already available for all Windows Phone users, be sure to visit it if you want to find great new applications that are now available.

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