Microsoft introduces Azure Blogathon, a contest to help bloggers around the world

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft has announced the launch of a program dubbed Azure Blogathon in India (you must be an Indian national to enter). The program is supposed to run for a whole year, providing a platform for developer bloggers to share both their experiences and work on Azure with others (via MARTECHSERIES.)

Azure Blogathon will be grouped into 4 segments, each with a different theme with the first one centered on Azure Programming Languages. The goal is to have at least 25 quality delivered per segment, which will be available on a repository that is supposed to be created by the end of June 2023.

At the end of each of these segments, a jury panel featuring well known IT professionals will announce the winners. There are tons of prizes to be won by top-performing contestants such as a Surface Pro X for the top 3 winners, while the next 25 best blog submissions will each get an online voucher worth INR 2000 and on top of that, the first 50 bloggers will also get special t-shirts. And finally, winners will have the opportunity of being part of the jury.

Besides all that, by participating in this contest, you stand to gain even more, for instance, featuring on the official Microsoft Azure website where you stand to gain global recognition, you will also get to interact with Microsoft Industry leaders as well as Azure Developer Community leaders.

The contest is open for submissions up until the last week of October, thus providing interested parties with ample time to work on their prowess in the field.  Register for the contest here to participate.