Microsoft to introduce DAV support for Windows Phone

Zac Bowden

The Verge has today learned that Microsoft has plans on introducing DAV support for Windows Phone devices, as Google recently decided to drop Exchange Active Sync support for Google Services. Without Active Sync, Windows Phone users are unable to sync contacts and calendar information with their device.

gmail activesync windows phone

Microsoft is looking at this as a big issue, as many Windows Phone customers are Google users, so to overcome the issue, Microsoft has plans on introducing DAV support for Windows Phone, which is the new way Google will be handling syncing.

Microsoft is yet to speak publicly about this.

Google isn’t dropping support just to annoy companies like Microsoft, The Verge claims that Google told Microsoft about the end of Active Sync last summer, which gave the company plenty of time to implement other ways to sync.

We assume the support for DAV will show up in an update rather soon, but as this is all rumoured speculation, no one knows of a date.

The death date for Active Sync is January 30, so this leaves little time left for Microsoft to implement the new DAV support.