Microsoft: Internet Explorer has changed since you last used it

Microsoft has released a new website that not only pokes fun at the company’s Internet Explorer browser, but also encourages those who have not used Internet Explorer 9 to install it and add a pinned site to their Windows 7 taskbar, just to experience how awesome it is.

“One of the more interesting trends these days is the number of Chrome and Firefox enthusiasts who have “added” Internet Explorer 9 into their browsing mix. While still using Chrome or Firefox for their more general browsing, these users are pinning a few of the key sites they visit every day – like Facebook and Pandora – with IE9 simply to get a more “app” like experience,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft has launched a new website that shows internet users just how Internet Explorer has progressed over the years and how it has “changed since you last used it.” Microsoft is calling this the “IE9 comeback.” You can check out the video below and check out the website at

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