Microsoft Inspire 2017 opening keynote: Watch it here

Posted by:Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Inspire is the company’s premier event for partners, bringing together 16,000 attendees from around the globe for week-long sessions about networking, learning, and more. The ultimate goal of the event is to help Microsoft partners learn about the ways in which they can increase their profitability and accelerate their business growth. This year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is scheduled to speak at the event’s opening Vision Keynote keynote, and you can watch it above.

A full list of speakers and schedule of events for Microsoft Inspire 2017 can be seen here, and you can expect Microsoft to showcase the latest and greatest technologies that its partners can take advantage of during the week-long event. In addition to Azure and Windows 10, cybersecurity and digital transformation will also be hot topics of Microsoft’s Inspire conference, and those who are attending in person can expect to have networking opportunities, and demo the latest Microsoft technologies.