Microsoft: In India, Windows Phone has a zero app gap versus competition

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Microsoft: In India, Windows Phone has a zero app gap versus competition

It’s true that the Windows Phone Store used to have fewer apps. But then, wasn’t this true for every operating system at some point? Over the years, Microsoft’s mobile operating system has welcomed tens of thousands of apps. Yet, many people still believe that the Windows Phone Store doesn’t have many apps. A Microsoft representative recently addressed this misconception at an event in India, here’s what he had to say.

“We are not behind. Of course there are certain apps like Candy Crush which is not available on Windows Phone Store. But if you look at apps created by Indian companies or top brands, we have a zero app gap versus competition.” said, Joseph Landes, General Manager (Developer and Platform Evangelism), Microsoft India.

The Google’s PlayStore, and Apple’s App Store are jam-packed with apps. For each particular task, you would probably find hundreds of options to choose from. Want a torch app? There are hundreds of apps you can look at. Want to try Flappy Bird? There are literally thousands of clones out there. And that is the point. Not every app available on either of the stores are worth your time. One of the key differentiators for Microsoft is that its apps are malware-free. “There is no question about it there are more apps in Google PlayStore and iOS. The question to be asked is how many apps do you really need? How many calculators you need?” he added.

Landes also talked about Microsoft’s significant role in developing a start-up ecosystem in India. For that the software technology giant has partnered with several companies including its recent tie-up with reliance industries GenNext Ventures. “We would like to see tons of great innovation come out of these initiatives in terms of building a great apps in the times to come,” he added.

India is indeed a very important market for Microsoft. Unlike most parts of the world, in India, Windows Phone is the second most popular smartphone operating system. Indian developers have shown love to the ecosystem as well, adding tons of apps every few month.

What’s your thought on this? Don’t you think Windows Phone Store’s landscape has significantly improved over the last few months?

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