Microsoft increases Xbox LIVE Arcade gamerscore limit, 400 is the new 200

Starting April 2012, all new Xbox LIVE Arcade games will be able to increase their gamerscore limit from 200 to 400. Currently, Arcade games on Xbox LIVE are limited to 200 Gamerscore as a maximum amount you can earn from the game. This new gamerscore policy is out to change that.

Microsoft has today announced plans to increase the gamerscore limit on all new Xbox LIVE Arcade games from 200 to 400 gamerscore. Reporting from the official Major Nelson blog, arcade games will now be allowed up to 30 additional achievements with a total of 400 gamerscore.

The gamerscore increase will be required on all new Xbox LIVE Arcade games starting June this year, so developers currently have a choice, but will not have an option to choose when June hits.

This gamerscore increase maybe due to the fact that Windows 8 will include achievements on Xbox LIVE, and that Windows 8 Apps will have a limit of 200G. This is just a suggestion and is not confirmed.

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