Microsoft inches closer to its goal of 1 billion Windows 10 installs; hitting 700 million devices

Perhaps, the days of Microsoft openly boasting about its Windows 10 installment numbers are behind the company, but the goal of putting its newest operating system on 1 billion devices is still in its sights.

Our last official update on the Microsoft Windows 10 installment progress was the company had stalled at around 600 million devices late last year.

There was an off-handed mention of Windows 10 inching closer to 700 million devices, by former Windows lead Terry Myerson six months ago in a farwell email, but Microsoft had yet to officially confirm the mention.

However, it looks like the needle has officially moved closer to 1 billion with a company executive revealing during an Ignite 2018 session that Microsoft's Windows 10 has indeed been installed on 700 million devices.

The reveal of Microsoft's latest Windows 10 installs was met with little consumer fan fare but at Ignite 2018, developers and IT Pros relying on these stats when making upgrade and development decisions for their companies, seemed pretty excited.

With company executives feeling more comfortable with throwing around the 700 million marker, it'll be interesting to see if Microsoft makes a bigger deal of the milestone at its October 2, 2018 event, where Surface and the latest Windows 10 Update are believed to take center stage.

In contrast, as Microsoft moves more into the cloud and puts less emphasis on Windows, the company may just wait until it actually hits its 1 billion mark to revisit a celebratory pat on the back.

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