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Microsoft improves partnership with Docker, shows off cross platform container

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About a year ago at DockerCon, Microsoft first announced their partnership with Docker.  With the partnership, Microsoft has been working on new innovative tools to help developers build the next big app. Some of these include Windows Server Containers, Docker virtual machine Extensions for Linux on Azure, and others. Today, over 2,000 people attended DockerCon North America, where Microsoft announced their next big step in their partnership with Docker.  On stage at the DockerCon keynote, Mark Russinovich demoed the the first container application to work across both Linux and Windows Server:

  • It’s only fitting that the first ever Windows Server Container was introduced on stage at //build by Docker’s own Ben Golub and that the command which started it was “docker run.” Today, in the DockerCon keynote, Mark Russinovich demonstrated the first ever multi-platform container application. Built, shipped and running using Docker, this container application is the first in the industry to work across both Windows Server and Linux. We want to bring you broad choice and flexibility for building your apps, combining Windows Server and Linux containers with Docker Compose and Docker Swarm, to offer a truly cross-platform experience.
  • At //build we also showed onstage how you can use Visual Studio to publish a .NET application into a Docker container. Today, Mark demonstrated how development teams can use Visual Studio Online to define a customizable continuous integration pipeline to build, unit test, and deploy multiple containers defined using Docker Compose (screenshot below). For enterprises, Visual Studio Online also provides build tasks to deploy to a Docker Trusted Registry to provide a private repository of Docker images.
  • Also, for the first time, we showcased how you can use the Azure Marketplace experience to deploy a single or a multi-container application sourced from an image from Docker Hub using Docker Compose. If you are looking to quickly learn how to deploy Docker on Azure, the Azure Marketplace now has all the solutions you need. It’s just a few clicks…give it a try!
  • We also announced the addition of a Docker Trusted Registry VM image into the Azure Marketplace, offering an enterprise-ready Docker repository, behind the firewall, on an enterprise-ready public cloud!

Microsoft says that when they release Docker containers, Docker Swarm, and Docker Compose support on Windows Server, they will bring the customers and community together to offer the most complete container experience, operating system, and cloud platform, so developers can deploy cross-platform software easily. This should be exciting for programmers and software developers.

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