Microsoft IllumiRoom, play games beyond the TV screen

The guys over at the Microsoft Research department have revealed a truely awesome project today called IllumiRoom. It was shown off at Samsungs CES event earlier today, and is a right treat for gamers all round.

IllumiRoom will project images from the game itself beyond the TV screen, as seen from the video, Kinect will scan the room and measure itself to project images or environments across furniture around your TV. To activate it, just shout "Xbox, go big". The whole idea is awesome, and will completely immerse gamers in the gaming world. "our researchers used Kinect for Windows to map the room in real-time in order to make projected illusions fully interactive." Stated the blog.

Since its only being demoed by the Microsoft Research team, we probably won't be seeing a consumer product for at least a few more years, and thats if it's even made into a consumer product, as some of the stuff the Research team comes up with doesn't make it past this stage.

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