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Microsoft: IE10 Pinned Sites in Windows 8 are more than just favorites

In a new blog post on the Internet Explorer blog, Microsoft outlines the steps needed to support Internet Exploer 10 pinned sites feature in Windows 8. With pinned sites, developers can create visuals for pinned site tiles, share updates, and offer jump lists for easy navigation.

As Microsoft points out, Internet Explorer 10 will place websites at the center of the experience through integration with the Windows 8 Start Screen, via the Pinned Sites feature. Pinned sites are more than favorites. Microsoft has found that Pinned Sites has resulted in 15 to 50% increase in site visits. With the ability to have site tiles that come alive, the experience becomes better.

The blog post is in-depth and offers web developers the outline needed to support the Pinned Sites feature. For example, developers can use a large 32×32 favicon in IE10 to represent their site throughout the browser, as well as the Start Screen. Internet Explorer 10 will then extract the dominant color from the icon and automatically use that color as the background color for the Start Screen tile. Hit the source below for the full in-depth post.

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