Microsoft How-Old website now available as a Windows Phone app

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Microsoft How-Old website now available as a Windows Phone app

During Build 2015 a few weeks back, Microsoft demoed an online website How-Old which uses machine learning to guess your age. It showed how advanced facial recognition has become, but to be honest, there are times when the app missed on guessing the age of the person. Microsoft, via Microsoft China, is now offering the functionality to Windows Phone users in a form of an app.

The service came under some scrutiny about what Microsoft did with the images collected by the app, and there were concerns, due to a boilerplate Azure terms-of-service, that the company was keeping the photos.  Microsoft was compelled to respond to complaints, and assured users that it did not keep the photos once they were processed.

It works in a similar fashion as the online website, that is, you just have to upload your photo, or capture one using the phone’s camera, and let the app handle the rest. 

It’s not really a productivity app, but a one which can be fun at times, especially when you’re with your friends and want to enjoy some bits and see how old are you. Head over to the Windows Phone store using the link below and download the app.

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