Microsoft hosts Confluence conference on diversity for 500 Microsoft India employees

Confluence – Microsoft India’ signature annual diversity and inclusion conference – was held today in Hyderabad, India, drawing the participation of over five hundred Microsoft employees from across the nation, reports Microsoft’s official news page.

Confluence is a chance for Microsoft India employees to engage with company leaders, industry experts and prominent public personalities on topics of diversity, inclusion and how they drive growth and innovation. Six breakout sessions were held, focusing on three key points in diversity: gender, generational and abilities. Other activities include interactive plays, simulations , and immersive gender sensitization workshops.

“We need the best minds on this planet to help us build technology that makes a positive difference in the world. And the best minds come from myriad backgrounds, different genders, age groups, and physical abilities. We welcome them all to our workplace and create an environment to help them do their best work. Confluence 2016 is a celebration of the power diversity and inclusion brings to Microsoft India.”

-Rohit Thakur, Head HR, Microsoft India

This year’s conference also welcomed Anjum Chopra, former captain of the Indian Women’s Cricket team, and actor and social activist Shabana Azmi, both of whom spoke the event, as well as interacted with participants, shared their life stories, and gave out work and life advice. The two guests have reportedly inspired Microsoft India employees.

Anjum Chopra – former captain Indian Women’s Cricket Team speaking at Confluence

Anjum Chopra – former captain Indian Women’s Cricket Team speaking at Confluence

All in all, the event is a great initiative by Microsoft India that should contribute greatly towards gender diversity and building a bias-free work culture, for which Microsoft as a whole is a great advocate and leader.

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