Microsoft Hires Disney Exec to Sell Windows 8

Microsoft is on a mission to improve its marketing strategy with the upcoming release of Windows 8. In fact, Microsoft has hired Jay Victor, a former Disney Director of Brand Strategy to help Microsoft in marketing Windows 8 to consumers who are interested in buying PCs and tablets next year.

Jay Victor worked for Disney for nearly five and a half years and worked at, according to him, “the coolest job in the world.” Victor worked in market research, business development, product development, creative, and marketing for Disney, according to his LinkedIn profile. Well, now he definitely works for the coolest job in the world.

Microsoft placed an advertisement on LinkedIn that sheds light on Victor’s job, as the company is not disclosing exactly what Victor will be doing. According to the advertisement, Victor might be focusing on brands such as Office, Windows, Bing, and Xbox. Victor will have “accountability for brand stewardship on primary brand(s)” which pretty much means that Victor will be focusing on the next major release for the company, Windows 8. From recent reports, it is rumored that we will see a release of Windows 8 around April of 2012.

Victor must work on developing and delivering brand strategy. So what does that mean? Victor must work on product names, messages, visual identities, marketing programs, and packaging. Victor must also do all this through advertising means such as PR, events, and retail.

The odd fact is that Victor will be focusing on already-established brands rather than new brands such as Windows Phone. Microsoft still has to go a long way to establish and push its mobile brand. Lets see how Victor does. Maybe we will see a Mickey Mouse themed Windows 8 box art (Yeah I went there).

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