Microsoft hints at the possibility of using a keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One

by Email Twitter: ronwinbeta Oct 8th, 2013 in News

Microsoft's Major Nelson at Newegg

In a recent interview with Newegg, Microsoft’s director of programming of the Xbox LIVE, Larry Hryb (also known as Major Nelson), dropped hints that the Xbox One could support a keyboard and mouse combo. Microsoft is willing to help developers achieve this if there is interest for it.

Major Nelson was asked numerous questions about the new console, including one question that asked what consumers can expect with the new Xbox One console. “We want to meet and exceed what we have done with the Xbox 360,” Major Nelson stated. However, one interesting question came up about the possibility of having support for a keyboard and mouse.

At about the 12:12 mark in the interview, Major Nelson responded to the question of of having a keyboard and mouse support by stating that there is an SDK for developers and that “if that’s something they’re interesting in doing, we will certainly help them do that.” More specifically, Major Nelson stated, “Certainly, it’s possible, but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.” 

Major Nelson demonstrates that there is a difference in developing gaming experience for an up-close experience versus a living room experience. “But as a lot of people forget, designing for a two-foot gaming experience versus, perhaps, a nine or ten foot experience is a little bit different,” He explained.

Overall, it was an excellent interview that goes over all the new features of the new console. We’ve embedded the full interview for you below. The video runs for 22:33 minutes. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and hit play!

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