Is Microsoft hinting at a June 8th release for the Release Preview?

Is Microsoft planning to launch the Windows 8 Release Preview on June 8th? Well that may be exactly what they are planning. In the recent Building Windows blog post, the company released some new screenshots of Windows 8. One of the screenshot’s reveal the date June 8th, not once, but 3 times.

We have circled the hotspots of the image above for you, but if you don’t understand, they all seem to relate to the date June 8th. For example, the Mail app has 8 emails, the Calendar app has a cricket match on the 8th June, and the Weather app has a temperature of 68, which in date terms, is the 6/8, which is June 8th.

All seems a bit too convenient to us, but what do you think? It would be pretty neat if Microsoft are teasing us with dates.

Microsoft recently said that the Release Preview is coming in the first week of June. A week is usually 7 days, the 8th would mark a new week in June. So, we could just be speculating over nothing, but it is possible!

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