Microsoft highlights top 10 back to school features in Office 2016 for Mac

Kellogg Brengel

Microsoft highlights top 10 back to school featuers in Office 2016 for Mac

Earlier this month Microsoft released Office 2016 for Mac, making it available first for Office 365 subscribers. The new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote are available in 139 countries in 16 languages and will be available for one-time purchase sometime this September for those who don’t want to subscribe to Office 365.

More recently, the Office Team put together a promotional guide showing off the top 10 back to school features in the new Office for Mac.

The top 10 features that the Office Team are highlighting for students are:

  • Recently used files list with the option to pin certain files to always show in the list.
  • Sharing your documents without leaving Office.
  • Open collaboration with multiple users being able to work on a file simultaneously.
  • Record Audio when taking notes in class, with the ability to easily jump to parts of the recording that correspond to the notes you were typing.
  • Presenter View in PowerPoint to help you control your presentation and see your notes while the rest of the audience only sees the presentation itself.
  • Side-by-side calendar in Outlook to easily compare multiple calendars in the same space.
  • Smart Lookup in word will pull contextual information from the web when you are writing a report or researching an essay.
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint now supports 11 types of equations with the Equation Gallery
  • New PowerPoint transitions, pixel perfect animations, and smooth video playback
  • Easily adjust a document’s layouts, colors, and fonts with a few clicks in the new Design tab.

While Office 2016 for Mac was long overdue with it being nearly 5 years since the last Office for Mac, the new version brings the latest Office features to OSX and helps Microsoft extend a great user experience across multiple endpoints, agnostic of platform.

The post also notes that if you are a student or teacher you can visit this webpage to see if you are eligible to get Office 365 and the new Office for Mac for free.

Are you a student and do you plan to rely on Office for Mac when you are takings notes or working on that next class project?