Microsoft highlights how to edit your holiday photos using the Windows 10 Photos App

Arif Bacchus

Windows 10 Photos app

In our modern world, almost every device has a camera on it. After taking pictures, you might also end up offloading them to your PC to spice them up and share on social media. Luckily, if you’re looking for a guide on how to spice up your holiday photos, it’s time to look no further. Elana Pidgeon from the Windows Experience Blog has just posted on how you can edit your holiday photos using the Windows 10 Photos App.

Edit Photos
Editing Photos with the Windows 10 Photos app

Pigeon begins by explaining that all it takes to edit your photos is to open the file and then launch “edit” from the full-screen viewer in the Windows 10 photo app. After doing so, you will find controls to easily crop, rotate and enhance your images. To customize your pictures, you can add a filter to your image by selecting one from the list and even alter the light, color, contrast, exposure, shadows, highlight, tint and warmth by dragging the sliders for granular controls.

Sketch 2 1
Inking on Photos in Windows 10

For an extra kick of photographic spice, you’re able to annotate photos using the pen, mouse, and touch controls in the Windows 10 Photos app. All you need to do is use your pen directly in the full-screen viewer or tap the Draw icon.  Just as if you were an artist with a canvas, the ink will animate back to you in the way you drew it, even on videos during playback.

After you’ve fixed up your masterpiece, you can share your photo with friends and family without even leaving the Photos app!  You can Copy your files to paste elsewhere, or click Share and select an app.

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